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A long time...

2012-06-03 00:36:50 by SpacLock

After going though some of the sites I once posted music on, it really hit me that so many people have listened and commented on pieces that I've created (and remixed) in the past. Knowing that I've made music that has reached hundreds of thousands of people is a really strange feeling. I feel that I haven't really made anything good, and I've become so much more experienced musically since I've last posted a song here that I should give you guys some more, but I haven't had the urge for a long, long time. If I ever feel like I'm able to create music again, I'd love to share it with you guys first. Thanks for listening.


2008-11-17 00:42:25 by SpacLock

Thank you to everyone who listens.

SpacLock 2008 submissions coming!

2007-10-06 14:56:17 by SpacLock

I haven't released anything new in quite awhile because i have been extremely busy with other things, but new junk is on the way. The only thing released by me this year has been "Symphony of the Night" which was actually made early 2006. I hope everyone will be surprised with my new music when it comes because i believe i have improved quite a bit since you have last heard from me. Thanks to everyone who listens.